Newport Playhouse-“We’re Sixty”

Highlights: Leaving from the Saint Gobain Building 513a Parking
lot traveling to Newport’s Ocean Drive. Afternoon tour of Newport
we head to the Playhouse for their fantastic buffet. After lunch we
go into the theatre for a funny show. “Sex Please, We’re Sixty.” A
show that proves that bedroom fun and games don’t stop at any
age. A local lumberman’s Viagra Pills get mixed up with a new
ladies Glue Pill, he suddenly has all the symptoms of menopause –
complete with not flashes and mood swings. Then the fun begins.
After the show the Cabaret lakes over. Join us for a fun filled day.
Return home will be around 6:00 p.m.
Parking: St. Gobain Bldg 513 A Lot
Trip Leader: Jack Staples 508-835-3954