Military Tatoo, Annapolis, Williamsburg

April 25 to 29, 2019

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Highlights: Join the RMCG for one of the most culturally en­riching tours you will ever experience us we celebrate the men and women that provide us the liberties we know today. We’ll explore Annapolis, MD and see first-hand some of the great highlights of life at the U.S. Naval Academy past and present. Then it’s on to the national Museum of the Marine Corps. Next we discover Colonial Williamsburg and become a citizen of the Revolutionary City. Then it’s on to the VA International Military Tattoo Festival (the largest in the U.S.). We next enjoy our visit to the Norfolk. VA naval base and the Douglas Mc Arthur Memorial. We culmi­nate our tour with Oceanfront lodging in Ocean City, MD with a tour of Assaleague Island famous for its wild horses. All of these experiences make this an unforgettable trip of fun and excitement.
Trip Leader: Dick Shea . .. H 508-853-2023. C 508-335-2845